The Author

Living in the French marshes with one husband, two huskies, three cats, and four holiday cottages, on land criss-crossed by waterways, sees me lurching between country idyll and total chaos on a regular basis. It’s taken me half a century to get here. My quiet childhood in an Oast House in Kent was transformed at the height of the sixties when I left for university and lived through the emergence of the pill, Germaine Greer, student protests and, not to be forgotten of course, drink, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

I loved having an international career and fought my way through the dejecting days of lower pay and prescribed female jobs to retiring as a Board Director.

I discovered fantasy novels while a student and always knew I would one day write one of my own. The peace of the Vendee has allowed me to do so. Most of the inspiration for my writing comes in the winter, when the marshlands around us are flooded with water and create a resting place for migratory birds. ‘Lumina’ is the first book of ‘The Dragonlite Legacy’, a planned trilogy, in which the golden bronzites fight to defeat the Dragon King. It is a tale of betrayal, prejudice and the fight to unite two nations. I am delighted it has been selected for the BWA Publishing Programme and am currently engrossed in writing Volume 2.


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