500 Words a Day Challenge

I was thoroughly disheartened when the BWA Publishing Programme collapsed (was it a scam or just incompetence – will we ever know?) and I stopped writing for a while. Thankfully I have started again and am drafting the second volume of The Dragonlite Legacy.

Previously I was in the habit of writing regularly; now I have to re-establish that rhythm and it’s a challenge. So when Jeff Goins’ threw down the gauntlet by suggesting we aspiring authors write 500 words a day during the month of January I decided to have a go.

In parallel I plan to work on the search for an agent or publisher for the first book. Sadly the two things don’t mesh well.  The work needed for the latter seems to come from the ‘getting bored senseless’ side of my brain rather than the creative one.

It amazes me that authors find the time and energy to cope with finding a publisher/self publishing, creating a social media platform, living their daily lives and writing. Is there any time left for normal human relationships I ask myself.

Over January we shall see. Will the 500 a day target survive, will I ever send out a successful query, or will the dog, cats and my husband give up on all attempts to communicate with me and leave the family home?

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7 Responses to 500 Words a Day Challenge

  1. Pam Nixon says:

    So much sympathy with this Paddy. I wasted some tome this last autumn trying to get companies house to stop Imran dissolving his company while he still owed us money. In the end Rob told me to let it be and get on with writing – good advice.
    Now however I’m being frustrated by a senior editor at Hutchinsons who read the first three chapters of my novel and wanted to read the rest – that was in August and she still hasn’t managed to find time to do this. However I’m preparing the book for for self publication. I have plans for my second novel and need to write some by next week as I’ve become part of a small new writing group and I want to have something ready to take to them. I’m also part of a group doing a pub reading on Jan 20th. I’m reading something from my fist novel.
    500 words is a challeng but not impossible so good luck with it . Perhaps I’ll try it. Anyway nice to hear from you. Do keep reporting on your progress, It should be interesting to learn how you are getting on.

    • bronzite says:

      Good to hear from you, Pam, and I do hope Hutchinsons comes through. The whole process is so frustrating!

      Do let me know what is involved in self publication as I will probably land up going that route as well. So far the 500 words challenge is going well. It’s not so demanding that you feel like giving up before having a go. Mind you it’s only been 3 days so far but the last 2 have been busy and yet somehow I’ve found time to squeeze it in. Then I feel good that at least I am making some progress with Volume 2. Why don’t you have a go? The guy who started it is Jeff Goins and you can find his site on: http://goinswriter.com/my500words/

  2. Gede Prama says:

    I truly enjoy your blog and hope many more stop in to read. Again Congratulations. Gede Prama 🙂

  3. Pam Nixon says:

    I decided to do the 500 words a day on my own with my new novel – made a good start yesterday. just about to get going today.

  4. Thanks for your blog Paddy – it inspired me to get writing again and I have written 1500 words of my next novel in the last three days. Maybe it has something to do with the new year as well. I too was very disappointed with Britwriters – I felt very naïve in believing their unrealistic promises. Keep in touch. Hazel

    • bronzite says:

      Good to hear from you, Hazel, and I hope 2014 proves a highly productive writing year for you. Did anything useful come from your publishing deal? I did get a contract with a literary agent in Brazil but not surprisingly publishers there want to see the book published elsewhere first before making the investment in translation etc. So back to square one!

      So far I’m keeping up with the 500 words a day challenge and it’s definitely a good feeling to be back in the saddle again!

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