Welcome to Paddy Tyrrell’s Blog and the World of The Dragonlite Legacy

Welcome to all new writers and to fantasy fans. I reckon there must be other new authors like me, who are daunted by the journey towards publication. So in this blog I hope to share the discoveries and emotions involved in getting my debut fantasy novel published. ‘Lumina’ is the first volume of a trilogy called The Dragonlite Legacy and I’m lucky to have the BWA Publishing Programme help me along the way.

So what is the BWA Publishing Programme? It all stemmed from the Brit Writers Awards of 2010. The competition was flooded with submissions from unpublished authors and the organisers decided to offer a selected number the chance to join a programme of development, which includes focused initiatives to get our books published. I am a participant in the second group and have already met my fellow authors and been impressed by the quality of their writing. As a non-technical person I am thankful for their help and encouragement in creating this blog.

For other budding writers, my next post will be about the technical horrors involved in marketing your new masterpiece to the world outside, all in the fond hope that someone, somewhere will want to read it. If you have felt deterred about this new challenge or wish to share the ups and downs of the journey, come and visit this blog to hear more.

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10 Responses to Welcome to Paddy Tyrrell’s Blog and the World of The Dragonlite Legacy

  1. Ooh, the technical horrors… we could write a book! Thanks for sharing, Paddy. I look forward to your next post. 🙂 x

  2. Sakthi Mayi says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the technical maze to negotiate.

  3. E Thomas says:

    We’re all learning and making progress, Paddy. I use a mac, so if I can pass on tips to other mac users, I’ll be more than happy to do so.
    I hope both groups get to meet soon.

  4. Hazel Eggleton says:

    Well done, Paddy. I’m really impressed!

  5. bronzite says:

    Thank you, Hazel – and I got an email to say you had subscribed! All very flash, isn’t it? Now how do we get anyone else apart from us lot to read them?

  6. Robert Coles says:

    Great blog Paddy. The whole site is laid out in a very easily accessible way. It looks like you’ve been busy!

    Loved how you introduced yourself and the BWA Programme. It comes across as very inviting. I shall be keeping abreast of it.


  7. Ruth says:

    Great post – sounds like you’ve got loads of insight to share as you make your journey. Looking forward to hearing more.
    By the way, I love your book cover – who designed it?

  8. bronzite says:

    Thanks, Ruth. I had my book active on the Authonomy site for quite a while and a very talented guy there called Bradley Walsh did it for me for free.

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